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Shadow Development Usage and Product Agreement

Last updated: 05 March 2022
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This is an agreement between You and Shadow Development and governs your Use of Shadow Development products. This agreement is applied to the Client from when a purchase is made on a product, service OR you being in possession of a Shadow Development product. This means you agree to follow all terms listed below. If you do not agree with the terms outlined below then you are not permitted to use any Shadow Development products, services, or content.
If you are entering into this agreement on behalf of an entity (company, community, etc), you represent that you have authority to bind that entity. If you do not have such authority, the entity may use the product and it can not be sold until a person within the entity with proper authority binds the entity to this agreement. If you have questions regarding this agreement contact us via details listed near the bottom of the document.

Business Details:

Business Name: Shadow Development
Contact email: [email protected]
Website: https://shadowdevs.com
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1. Definitions

Product(s) - is used to describe the script, modification, files, software, or digital content being purchased.

You and Your - is used to describe the individual or legal entity agreeing to this Agreement.

Use and Using - is used to describe downloading, installing, activating, access or otherwise using the product.

Agreement - refers to this (Shadow Development Usage and Product Agreement) document

Client - is used to describe the individual or entity agreeing to this license.

2. Information Use

  • a) The information used on the webpage when you login is taken as the signing data.
  • b) Information as stated above and/or you enter when signing this agreement is kept private between the Client and Shadow Development.
  • c) The only time information will be distributed and not kept private will be to pass it to third parties to help if the Agreement is breached.
  • All other privacy related information can be found here

3. Client Third Parties & Security

  • a) Some of our products may require a hosting services to be used by you. There are no restrictions on who/where you host your product through, as long as the product data is secure & not publicly accessible. This mainly applies to products requiring a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or other type of online server.
  • b) If you are using a service to host the product it is required that any individual with access to that VPS or server that is not the client signing this agreement is aware of these terms.
  • c) You are solely responsible for the security of the product and not having having this agreement breached. If the agreement is breached by a client third party, action can be taken on the Client and other involved. It's recommended to keep a copy of or link to this agreement along side the product to help ensure no breach is made. See 'Agreement Availability' for more information.

4. Distributing The Product

  • a) No Product is permitted to be (re-)distributed to other entities without written permission from Shadow Development's Chief Executive Officer, Agent BUB. This excludes a VPS and/or server hosting company as the product is still under your account through the hosting company.
  • b) (Re-)selling any product is strictly probated unless proper permissions and a written agreement is made with Shadow Development's Chief Executive Officer, Agent BUB.

5. Agreement Availability

  • a) This Agreement must remain in its original state and must not be modified in any way by anyone except for authorized Shadow Development Management.
  • b) This Agreement must be alongside the product at all times and not be removed.

6. Product Credits

  • a) Do not claim credit for any product, remove credit from files, footers, or anything of the nature.
  • b) If there is internal documentation labelled with “[NO EDIT START]” you cannot edit until internal documentation stats “[NO EDIT END]”.
  • c) Disabling, removing and/or making the “botcredits.js”, “credits.js”, “credits.php”, or similar file(s) not available is not permitted. Credit files must be available and able to use in the product.
  • d) Credits may not appear publicly on certain products, but even if the product allows for public credit removal, that does not give you authorization to remove it from internal files, documentation, or administrator only areas of the product.

7. Payments & Refunds

  • a) All payments on a Shadow Development product are conducted by PayPal or Stripe. We do not accept Cash App, Venmo, or non Shadow Development Store Official gift cards. This is due to security and seller protection reasons that PayPal and Stripe can offer.
  • b) Most products do not allow full refunds. If a refund is requested and the product is not sent it may be subject for a refund. Refunds are reviewed on a case to case basis. No refunds are guaranteed.
    For More information about our refund policy, click here.

8. Product Warranty & Gain

  • a) Any product is not to be exploited for personal, financial or commercial gain.
  • b) Product misuse rest solely with the user, and the author(s) can not be liable at anytime.
  • c) No product is shipped to the Client with any malicious content or malware, so any damage caused by the product is not the author(s) liability.
  • d) All products released by Shadow Development are under warranty as long as the product is officially supported. This means our team will provide support for issues you are having; however, some issues may be outside the scope of hands off. Our team can do hands on support for a fee, which will be determined at the time of the request.
  • e) Product support, hands on or off is minimal or null after official support for a product is dropped. Official support is considered to be dropped after 14 months with no update, or if stated by Shadow Development Staff.

9. Agreement Violations

  • a) Breaching and/or violating this agreement with an Shadow Development Product can result in termination of services from Shadow Development and/or it’s affiliated. Investigations can/will be performed if necessary, and all involved can/will have actions taken on them where deemed necessary.
  • b) If you suspect a third party that your using has breached this agreement contact the Shadow Development Staff mediately. Shadow Development Staff will work with you to solve the issue. And as long as you are at no fault, then no actions will be taken on you.
  • c) If you have been found breaching and/or violating this agreement contact may be made with an affiliate group(s) to alert them of your actions. There may also be bans placed on you from other companies and groups that are affiliated or not affiliated with Shadow Development.

Questions about the Terms and Conditions laid out in the agreement or have an issue to report?
Please contact us via our Discord for quick support.

Amendment Logs:

January 07, 2022: The entire document was rewritten for better readability, understanding, and to better fit the new direction of Shadow Development. The Website version is the most up to date version..

March 05, 2022: The document got minor changes to be updated with our rebranding. No actual agreement changes were made.

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