Looking to integrate your Shopify store to your Discord server via a bot?

This bot will have amazing features to make your Shopify store and Discord link together seamlessly. You will be able to access all the important features on your store with simple commands. If you need to approve an order, maybe cancel one, or even create one, well type the command, input the values, and boom the bot has your back! No longer will you need to log into Shopify to do simple tasks. Oh, and want to give your Staff the ability to approve those silly orders? Well this bot will do that too!

The ability to access customers, products, orders, and more from your Discord server has never been easier!

Documentation: https://docs.shadowdevs.com/discordbot/shopify

Please be aware this is a legacy product, so support is no longer provided.
We do have plans to refurbish this bot and completely update it + add more in the future, but some features may be outdated until then.


  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy to Setup
  • Easy to Edit Settings
  • Order Management
  • Product Management
  • FAQ System
  • Policy Viewer
  • Auto Customer Role
  • Embed Creator
  • Say / Edit Command
  • React Command
  • Poll Command
  • Utility / Information Commands
  • High Quality Features
  • Quality Code
  • Lightweight


Planned Updates:

Note: We do plan to get to all these updates in time, but some may come sooner then later. We will also release bug fixing or such updates in between major ones! The list below is also in no particular order, and this list is subject to change.

  • Analytics System
  • Blog Page Interactions (Create, Edit, Etc)
  • Marketing Event Interaction (Create, Edit, Delete, Etc)
  • Further Interaction with Orders, Products, Etc

Github Link: https://github.com/Shadow-Develops/SD_Public_Development/issues/7

Shopify Bot — $20


  • @Agent BUB - Development
  • Phantomz - Testing & Bug Hunting
  • @JackTheDev & The FMD Team - Feature Ideas | Allowing Us to use their Shopify to test.
  • Public Resources (Stackoverflow, etc)

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