If you are looking to have our team install and setup one of our products that requires installation onto a server, ie: a website, buy this product to have such done! We will log into your server, install and setup the product, provide you details on final steps you may be required to do, then help with that if needed.
Please ensure you join our discord before or after purchasing to get in contact with our team

Please bear in mind that you will need to provide log in details to FTP for your server so that we can do the install.
Our team does have up to a 72 hour grace period to do the install upon payment completion of this product; however, sometimes that may be extended due to internal or external issues.

This Services applies to the follow:

Neither of the following can be true about the product:

  • Be a legacy product
  • Be a open-source

Refunds on this product are not applicable after a team member begins the install or such.
Also, most products will be covered by the base price of this item, but some more intensive products or time consuming installs may require extra an extra payment of 5-15 dollars.

Product Install — $10

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