A highly configurable, unique, and easy to use community website template!

This this template is built with EmbedJs/ExpressJs and setup with file based configuration so no sql database or other system will be required to use this. Everything is changed via the config.js and appData.js. Overall the template is very easy to use and setup. Plus we will release amazing documentation!

v2 introduces a load of new options, features, better styles, and a completely new framework. The v2 is nothing like the original, so why not enhance your community today!

With over 200 configurable options and a custom page system, getting the site you want is easy for anyone with a keyboard!

Documentation: https://docs.shadowdevs.com/website/communitytemplate


  • 200+ Configurable Options
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Sleek Design
  • Applications System (Discord Webhook / Google Forums)
  • Gallery Page
  • Team Page
  • Donation Info Page
  • Custom Page System
  • Easy to Setup, Use, and Configure



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Planned Updates:

These are just ideas, we are currently not planning to make these updates anytime soon. This is due to a busy schedule, but the ideas may get pushed into updates in time.
The following update ideas are:

  • Configs -> Admin Panel
  • Additional Style Features
  • Extension System
  • More form options

Community Template v2 — $20


  • @Agent BUB - All the Developing
  • Public Resources (Stackoverflow, etc)

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