A simple and easy to use way to setup and manage your CDN!

This website template provides a quick and easy way to setup and manage your CDN. Most websites, brands, communities, and pretty much anyone with a website needs an easy way to host their images. So, with this CDN manager you get the easy of a normal CDN with the bonus of a web panel for management.

The web panel itself isn't anything crazy or complex; it is simply a straight forward way to manage the contents of your CDN without logging into an FTP or something of the nature.
It is not crazy customizable, but there are a few key elements you can change via the config.json. The biggest being those that can access the site to actually manage the content. The authentication uses an IP which you can get (when the IP checker is enabled) via yourdomain/auth/checkIP.

Overall, this is a cheap and easy way to setup your CDN with a web panel for management in minutes.


  • Easy to Use & Setup
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Simple Design
  • IP Authentication System
  • IP Checker to easily get your IP
  • Up to three layers of folders
  • Non-Authenticated view mode
  • Manage all content



None, and no plans for any.

Planned Updates:

Next update will include the following content:

  • Replace IP with Discord Auth
  • Setup Section based perms
  • Site-wide restriction

View the progress on the Github Development Tracker

CDN Manager — $10


  • @Agent BUB - All the Developing
  • Public Resources (Stackoverflow, etc)

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