Refund Policy

Shadow Development Refunds

Last updated: 05 March, 2022

Refunds can not be requested without probable cause.
Any accounts which initiate a chargeback or dispute on a payment will have their services automatically terminated and the account closed.
A cancellation request does not guarantee a refund - a refund must be explicitly requested in a support ticket which is subject to our conditions below.
We understand, sometimes the service isn't for you, or maybe it is not working. Therefore, we offer refunds and cacellations with the following conditions below.

(a) Store Product purchases are non refundable unless Store Product Refund Requirements are met. Please be aware that all products that include downloadable content are strictly non-refundable at anytime.
(b) Please understand that you are resopnsible for your information and if someone illegally obtains your payment information then purchases content from our store we can not always offer a refund. United States law requires banks to handle issues regaurding theft of credit cards, so as we are a US based company we know that your money is ensured by the US government. We will still proccess all stolen information refund requests and handle them case by case.
(c) Automatic payments via PayPal or credit/debit card entered will be automatically cancelled upon receipt and confirmation of your cancellation request. However, You as a customer are responsible for cancelling any subscriptions created to us such as PayPal subscriptions immediately. We do understand that if you forget to ensure the cancellation went through the third-party services, such as PayPal, so we can and will refund all payments that occur by mistake of third-party system in regaurds to automatic payments.

Refund Process

To refund an item you must contact our team via our discord. Please allow at least 10 days from the day you submit your request for your refund to be processed. Also you MUST keep in contact with us through the refund process as we will most likely need to speak to you in regaurds to your request, so if you fail to keep in contact with us we may cancel the request.

General Requirements for Refunds

All requirements below may not be required, but ones marked with a * are:
     Proof of Purchase Completion*
     Must be Account Holder*
     You did not receive any customer support.
        - This does not apply to products marked as "No support provided" or "Legacy".

Store Product Refund Requirements

One or more reason listed below must be valid, and all marked with * must be true.
     Order doesn't have downloadable content.*
     Order has not been completed. (If Applicable*)
     The product is defective or unusable.
        - This does not apply to products marked as "Out of Date" or "Legacy".

Custom Commission Refund Requirements

One or more reason listed below must be valid, and all marked with * must be true.
     Order doesn't have downloadable content.*
     Order must be less then 30% completed.*
     Verbal or Written Contract broken by us.*
     Deadlines were not met by any reasonable expectation.
        - No information during any written or verbal conversation about deadline changes or flexibility were had for this to be valid.

Please bear in mind that we evaluate all refund request on a case by case basis. This means that just because you feel that you should get a refund doesn't mean you are 100% going to revive it (unless you are under the 15 hosting refund window). We also expect you to have read over this docuement prior to requesting a refund.

This document is subjest to change at any point by SD Executives without notice.

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