Shadow Development Privacy Policy

We value your privacy, so we want to be transparent about what data we use & collect.

Personal information we collect and store

Since we use third-parties to run logins and payments, we are provided the information below:

  • Account IDs
  • Emails
  • Guilds (Discord Only)
  • Creation of your account
  • Account profile photo/avatar
  • Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Payment Information
      - PayPal: Account Handle/Email.
      - Stripe: Last Four Digits of Your Card.
      - Both: Transaction IDs, Numbers, Etc.

Login Services

We have the ability to use login services such as: Discord, GitHub, and Google. Said services provide basic account information via their API. For their TOS and Privacy Policy visit their respective sites.
Note: We do not always have all providers active for login.

Payment Gateways

We currently offer PayPal and Stripe as payment gateways. These services provide us transaction and basic user information through their API and payment gateway service. Again, see their respective TOS & Privacy Policy.

Collection of Information

Upon login or checkout, information from the service selected is collected and stored in our secure database. We do receive more information then needed from some service APIs, but only the information listed is stored in our database. Payment information is never stored in our database, except for basic transaction information for invoices, subscriptions, or similar.

Use of Information

Account information is actively used on your user page and our administration logs which include: payment history, audit logs, receipts, invoices, and other similar logs.
We also may use some of your personal information to aid third-parties. Please read below to know what third-parties and how your information is used.
Additionally, data collected is used in our advertising, advertisement platforms, and our personal statistics. No personal data is give out to third-party advertisers as we find selling or giving personal information to non-internal advertisers to be scummy. Internally, we still only use generic stats and figures to make statistics and better our systems.

Verified Third Parties:

  • Google has access to basic data to help us gather statics on how, where, and what users do on our sites.
  • PayPal & Stripe both receive basic user data when completed transactions, such as your email, to ensure proper payment.

Document Information

Last updated: 18 April, 2023
This document is subject to change at any point by SD Executives without notice.

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