Squad Bot Update [v4.0.0]

Posted by: Agent BUB
Posted 10 months ago (edited)

What's New?

The majority of this update was to move the bot from Discordjs v12 to v13. Below is a list of the major changes.

  • Polished message delete & update logs.
  • Added react command.
  • Removed supremify command.
  • Added color info command.
  • Update poll command (emoji options).
  • Embed command revamped. There is now a simple & advanced creator. This allows for quick or more in - depth embeds.
  • Ban command now can ban users not in guild.
  • New fields added to serverinfo such as banner link and accent color.
  • The ticket system transcripts has been fixed up to work smoother and provide a better look.

Other Changes

Bug fixes across the board leading to short downtime or other crashes.

  • Moved commands in the "Others" category to "Util".
  • Moved poll command to message

Important Info

With this being a brand new version of Discord JS there could be some bugs we do not know of at launch; however, we have done plenty of testing so everything should work fine. Please contact us in the support server if you find any bugs.

Overall this update pushes Squad Bot forward with major error correction, shinny new commands, and a new polish over the all content. Discord JS v13 has given us a major push in the right direction with amazing new features and access to some of the newest Discord API.

The future of Squad bot includes some really cool systems that we will release more information on in time, but we will tell you that a Web Dashboard is close to being a reality! We hope to have a web dashboard up and running in the next few months as well as some new features, so just be ready for that.

Thank you all,
-- Agent Squad Productions Development Team

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