Posted by: Agent BUB
Posted 9 months ago (edited)


I'm sure many of you are confused about why everything is changing within our Discord, websites, and social media. We have decided to rebrand Agent Squad Productions to Shadow Development. This has been months in the works, but we are happy to announce the full transition to Shadow Development.
The reason for the change is as follows: we wanted to freshen up the feel as we are moving our focus a bit, Agent Squad Productions has been with us for awhile and it just doesn't fit anymore, and with our focus being development, this seemed to fit. We have spent the last couple years finding the path for ASP (now Shadow Development), and we have found that development products such as bots, websites, and custom commissions seem to be the right path. So since we figured that out we have been working behind the curtain to rebrand to a fresh, new, and fitting name for the company. We believe Shadow Development to be said name!
We are super excited for the future, and we already have 2022 getting jam packed with amazing idea! It is going to be a crazy ride, but with the new and fresh feel, we think this company will take leaps!
We will be running a sale or two in the new future, but felt doing one for the rebrand now wouldn't be as good as in the coming months with the new releases!

Oh and, we will be reworking a bit more with our Discord, backend system, and company structure, but that won't require a ping or anything, so just be aware of it!

Thank you all for joining us on this journey so far,

  • Zach (Agent BUB) | Shadow Development CEO
  • And the rest of the Shadow Development Team

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