Product Updates

Posted by: Agent BUB
Posted 1 years ago (edited)

Since we moved to a new store some products and pricing have been updated or removed.

We decided that with the move over to a new store system that we might as well look over all of our products and pricing. So we did and made some changes!

Change Log:

  • Graphic Design has a new pricing system. It is no longer $1.50/picture but now $5 minimum and you get up to 3 months to claim 5 picture commissions.
  • Discord Server creation has had a complete revamp including price. You can now pick between a basic or advanced creation that comes with its own features for the price of $10 or $25.
  • Video Design has been removed. We feel that our team is crunched on time as it is and making them edit videos would kill productivity on other major things.
  • Sand Shores Dealership was removed. We removed the ymap from our store as it had it's time to sine but doesn't exactly fit into our products anymore. You can still get it here though!

For questions, comments, concerns, or anything of the sort please contact us at anytime.

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