Closing of All Hosting

Posted by: Agent BUB
Posted 1 years ago (edited)

Hello everyone,

We have to announce that as of January 07, 2021 Agent Squad Productions will no longer be proving any hosting services. After internal discussion and reviewing, it seems that hosting is not a viable service for us to provide at this time. We have a feeling that products and development will be much more practical. There is also a larger market within the development field. So to save us money, resources, and time we have closed the ASP Hosting Services. This does not mean it is gone forever, but at least for the time being we will focus on store products, development, game development, and other ideas. We still want to provides customers with top of the line products at affordable costs, and we hope in the future we can offer hosting and other amazing services again.
With that said, this massive change is going to lead to us reworking our web infrastructure and other major aspects of the company, so there will be a lot of maintenance and possible downtime for bots and websites.
Finally, Agent BUB is working partnership with his friend and his friend's hosting company. So, we will have a great place for you to take hosting soon!

We know this is quick, but all hosting will be terminated fully January 8th, 2022. We apologize for the short notice, but life happens.

Thank you for your understanding,

  • Agent Squad Productions Administration Team

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